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What is an Osteopath and what can you help me with?

Osteopathic medicine is a hands-on therapy that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, (bones, joints, muscle, connective tissue) and the way in which it interrelates with the body as a whole.
Osteopathy can relieve immediate symptoms, such as physical pain, and is a method of discovering and addressing the causes of the body’s dysfunction.
By keeping the musculoskeletal system in balance, Osteopathy acts as a natural preventative medicine, and allows the body to heal itself. It can be used to address anything from chronic back problems, to indigestion or a sluggish immune system.
A trained Osteopath can also provide advice on maintaining good health, including remedial exercises, diet and lifestyle.
All the Osteopaths at Zen Health are registered and ACC accredited. Their training is a five year masters degree course, covering anatomy, physiology, pathological processes, biomechanics, and clinical methods, alongside relevant areas of psychology and sociology.

Principles of Osteopathy.

The aim of Osteopathic treatment is to restore function so that the body can fulfill its potential to heal. The first stage of an evaluation is a full case history which involves detailed investigation concerning the onset of the condition, symptoms, previous and present medical history, training techniques, level of sport, motivation, equipment, warm up/down, and medication. This correlated with the diagnosis from the physical and clinical examination, provides an overall individual assessment.
By removing the obstacles that are impeding the blood and nerve supply to the site of the injury the mechanism of repair can occur. Correction of the bio-mechanics of non-symptomatic areas reduces stress and strains that may hinder a complete recovery after the return to sport.

Osteopathy & Pregnancy.

There are remarkable changes in the female body during pregnancy. Hormones alter the internal chemical environment, adapting the body to it’s new role. Ligaments become longer and more flexible, and as the uterus grows, muscles in the back become stronger, abdominal muscles stretch, spinal curves increase and posture changes. This process happens extremely rapidly and often is the body’s ability that determines pre and post-natal health.
The pelvis can be thought of as a bony bowl, with three joints connected by ligaments with a supportive muscle lining. If a musculoskeletal problem remains unresolved, this supportive muscle lining grows to accommodate the extra strain, making the pelvis opening potentially smaller and delivery more difficult.
Like joints, the body’s organs can be restricted, pushed up and sideways to accommodate the growing foetus, and the extra strain is taken by the musculoskeletal system.
Like any other muscle in the body, organs are amenable to direct Osteopathic treatment, and can also be indirectly influenced by the blood supply and nerve supply from the spine.

Post Natal Care.

Osteopathic treatment allows the body to return to normal more quickly after delivery, preventing adverse structural adaptations from developing. Because ligaments remain long and flexible throughout the breast-feeding period, there is an increased risk of injury, especially with the new demands of bending and lifting. Treatment after a long or complicated labour is strongly recommended for both mother and baby, so that acute symptoms can be avoided.

Is it painful?

Our aim is for the treatment to be pain free and drug free. There are many different types of Osteopathic techniques that can be used, we assess individually which ones are best, and can discuss this with you at time of treatment. You are welcome to call beforehand with any questions or concerns, and our friendly and knowledgeable reception staff will be happy to help.

What else can you help me with?

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  • Arthritis
  • Joint problems
  • Chronic Fatigue/ M.E
  • Stress related conditions
  • Learning difficulties and behavioural problems in children
  • Asthma/ Respiratory conditions
  • Glue-ear
  • General ill-health

We can work collaboratively with your regular, or new G.P
– refer you directly from our clinic if we feel you may benefit from another form of treatment,
– refer you directly for a scan, MRI, C.T or X-Ray
– we can assist you with ACC paperwork, and call on your behalf about any existing or new injuries.
All our staff have worked alongside each other for many years, we have a collective knowledge and understanding of the different treatment modalities available out our clinic, and which one or combination would best facilitate your recovery.

Why should I choose Zen Health Osteopaths?

Osteopathy is not just about necks and backs, it’s holistic approach as a manual therapy comprises of techniques applied to all systems of the body, (musculoskeletal, bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue.)
Osteopathic treatment involves taking a detailed medical history, testing for imbalances, and restrictions of movement, it also includes exercise, diet, and advice on injury prevention, stretching techniques, posture and lifestyle changes.
All Osteopaths at Zen Health are fully registered and ACC accredited

Proven by ACC the most effective

Recognized and proven by ACC statistics as the most effective treatment for back pain and rehabilitation after injury


Treatment is Drug-free, and Pain-free

No referral is needed.

If you have had an injury or accident in the last few months, you do not need a doctors referral to come and see us. Our friendly staff will help you fill out the ACC forms at our reception.

ACC accredited

ONZ Registered

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